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Edition #4

14th-16th February 2020

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This is the fourth edition of infO(1) CUP, an international on-site (and an online mirror) junior competitive programming competition, held in Ploiesti, organised by the Prahova County's Centre of Excellence, Romania.

Every participant from the official round will receive a certificate of participation. Also, any participant of the online mirror is able to request a certificate of participation through our email.
Certificates & medals distribution

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How to participate?

This competition is based on an on-site round and its online mirror:

  1. The official round which will take place on 15th February 2020 and is designed for up to 16years old(born after 2004) students from the invited countries
  2. The Online mirror which will be available right after the end of the official round and which has open registration. Participants can take in any 5-hours frame (usaco system).

For any questions concerning infO(1) CUP or requesting an invite, please contact us at info1cup@gmail.com

Competition Schedule

# Date Remaining time
1 Invitation delivery December 9th 2019
2 Email response period December 9th - December 31st 2019
3 Team registration December 9th 2019 - January 31st 2020
4 Teams arrival day February 14th 2020
5 Official Round February 15th 2020 - 09:00AM (UTC +02:00)
6 Results of the Official Round Feburary 15th 2020
9 Online mirror 5 hours after the Official Round (February 15th 2020) TBA
10 Results of the Online mirror The results will be updated live
11 Awarding ceremony 15/16th of February (The exact time will be announced later)